20 of the most commonly asked questions………………

1. Are you licensed and insured? Yes I am licensed by the State of Minnesota for Family Child Care. I hold a C-2 license. I also carry a liability policy.

2. How many children do you enroll? I am licensed to have 12 children in my program in attendance at one time. I have rare openings and typically run at full capacity.

3. What ages are the children in your program? Typically children are ages 2 years to 5 years. There may be rare times when I accept a current families infant/Toddler or a grandchild that is younger than 2.

4. What age is considered an infant/toddler? Infants are 6 weeks to 12 months. Toddlers are 12-24 months, Preschoolers are 24 months to 5 years. Schoolagers are ages 5-11.

5. Do you offer a preschool curriculum? Yes! I use a research-based, nationally recognized curriculum from HighScope! To learn more about HighScope visit the link under “The Program” above.

6. Do you charge for holidays and vacations? Yes! Teaching a preschool class is a high stress job. As much as we love it, there comes a time when we all need that down time to enjoy relaxation and family. Your regular tuition is due for my vacation and holidays listed in the parent handbook.

7. Are parents required to pay when their child is absent? Yes! There are many expenses involved with providing a quality program from licensing and insurance fees to food and classroom materials. All of this is taken into account when tuition rates are determined.  You will find that Early Explorations Preschool rates are lower than other programs that offer less!

8. Do you accept sick children? That depends on what one considers sick! Common colds are just that, common and I do not exclude if a child is able to participate normally. Fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, unexplained or contagious rashes, strep throat and other contagious illnesses will require exclusion for a minimum 24 hours and varies based on reason for symptoms. A complete chart is available in the parent handbook to help you determine if your child is well enough to attend.

9. Should I stay to get my child settled before leaving in the morning? In general, NO! Why? Most new children will cry from time to time at drop-off. If a parent lingers that sadness escalates quickly in an attempt to get you to stay longer. Short goodbyes give us shorter crying periods! It is true, most children get busy and play within a couple minutes of parents leaving. I will text you photos of your child each morning when this happens so you know that it is a short-lived behavior. Quick goodbyes are best even if your child cries. Put your child down and I will take their hand and lead them into the classroom.

10. What should my child wear? We are an active group that gets dirty! Play clothing that is weather appropriate and shoes your child can get on themselves or with minimal assistance. Safe play shoes are a must. If they fall off when a child runs or climbs they should not be worn. Unsafe shoes are a tripping and falling hazard.

11. What are my options for paying tuition? Tuition is due Monday mornings when you drop off your child. Please place payment in the mailbox near the cubbies. You may choose to have direct payment sent from your bank if you do not remember to write out checks. Direct payments must be received by Saturday “BEFORE” the week of care. You may pay cash, check, direct payments from your bank in the form of direct deposit or a check by mail. You may pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This will be settled when you sign your contract.

12. Do I need to provide meals and/or snacks? No! Breakfast, an AM snack, lunch and a PM snack are included in the price of your tuition. If your child has food allergies and they cannot be accommodated you will be required to bring your child’s meals. There will be no deduction in tuition. Meals and snacks are posted on the Life Cubby App daily.

13. How can I keep up with what is going on in the classroom? You are invited to our secret facebook group. The facebook group holds videos and photos taken during the day. It also contains important classroom change or upcoming events. You are also invited to download the Life Cubby family app. The Life Cubby app allows you to have personalized access to your child’s records. You will be notified of meals and snacks, napping, behavior concerns, accidents and developmental assessments. The app allows only you and I private conversation and access to your child’ day.

14. Can I bring treats? Yes. Please check with me in advance to check for allergy concerns.

15. What if my child becomes ill during the day? I will contact you immediately and keep your child comfortable until you or a designated person can arrive for them. Please schedule pickup within 60 minutes or less.

16. What if I am late picking up my child? Please make every effort to be on time. My family counts on me after work and I schedule appointments for after hours so I do not have to inconvenience you. Many times I need to leave right at closing time so I count on prompt pickup. Please send an emergency pickup person in your place (you must call me in advance). If this is not possible and you arrive late you will be charged a late pickup fee. These fees are outlined in your parent handbook. Consistent late pickups will cancel your contract.

17. What if I cannot pay tuition on time? Early Explorations Preschool operates on a “No pay – No play” policy. Tuition must be paid in a timely manner to remain enrolled. Late fees are outlined in your parent handbook and tuition not received by Wednesday cancels your contract.

18. What if I bounce a check? Please contact me as soon as you suspect this has happened. I do understand that “things happen”. You will be required to bring me cash to settle that payment. You will also be responsible for a $35 NSF charge due immediately   . If a 2nd check is bounced you will be required to pay in cash, money order or direct deposit for the remainder of your contract.

19. What if I decide to withdraw my child from Early Explorations Preschool? You may cancel your contract at any time by providing me with a 10 “business day” written notice. You are required to pay for the first week of your notice period and your prepayment at the time of enrollment is credited towards your last and final week. If there has been a tuition increase or if you have unpaid late fees they will be deducted from your prepaid final week. If there are deductions your final week may require additional payment or earlier termination of care.

20. What if the preschool decides to cancel my contract? Your contract can be canceled immediately for reasons such as late pickups or late tuition. Immediate termination reasons are outlined in your parent handbook. For all other reasons you will be given the courtesy of 10 business days as well.

21.  Do you have pets?  Yes we do!  We have family dogs, an outdoor cat (that is never in the house or indoor/outdoor play areas), a fish, 2 bunnies and a bird. The parrot is never a part of the preschool and is only upstairs in the private area of my home. All animals are vetted as required by local and child care licensing regulations.  At times we also have gerbils and or a rabbit.

Hello Little Learners!  We have room for more friends soon!

September 1, 2018

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