Family Resources
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Early childhood and developmental screening
This service is available for children ages 3 through 5 and is a requirement for entry into kindergarten for all children in Minnesota. During the Early Childhood Screening, well qualified staff, will check your child’s vision, hearing, growth, immunization status, and skills in thinking, communication and language, large and small muscles and social/emotional development.
  1. St. Cloud: (320)529-6500 ext. 6255
  2. Sartell/ St. Stephen: (320)253-4036 ext. 1
  3. Sauk Rapids/Rice: (320)253-4703
Dental screening
  1. Central Minnesota Pediatric Dentists: (320)253-0272
  2. St. Cloud Technical College Dental Hygiene Clinic: (320)308-5310
Early Childhood Special Education Services
This service works to locate and identify children ages birth to 5 who are demonstrating a developmental delay or have a medical condition which impacts development. The team assesses infants, toddlers and pre-school age children to determine if they qualify for Early Childhood Special Education services. The team also is a resource for parents with questions or concerns about a child’s development. Services are provided at no cost to families.
Upon referral, a team member interviews a parent or legal guardian to gather information about the child’s medical history and developmental skills. The information is reviewed to determine if further testing is needed. If an assessment is completed and the child meets the Minnesota State Department criteria for a disability category, the child is eligible to receive Special Education services.
  1. St. Cloud: (320)252-0415 or (320)253-5828 ext. 5703 or (320)252-8427
  2. Sartell/ St. Stephen and Sauk Rapids/Rice: (320)252-8427
 Early Childhood Family Education
Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is a program for all Minnesota families with children between the ages of birth to kindergarten entrance.  The program is offered through Minnesota public school districts.  ECFE is based on the idea that the family provides a child’s first and most significant learning environment and parents are a child’s first and most important teachers.  ECFE works to strengthen families.  ECFE’s goal is to enhance the ability of all parents and other family members to provide the best possible environment for their child’s learning and growth. The Minnesota Department of Education provides support to local school districts to provide high-quality parenting education to families within their communities.
  1. Minnesota Early Childhood Family Education program: (651)582-8399
  2. St. Cloud: (320)253-5828
  3. Sartell/St. Stephen: (320)656-3763
  4. Sauk Rapids/Rice: (320)255-8910
Financial Assistance Options This is a good place to start when looking for possible financial assistance in a variety of areas. You can anonymously enter your information to see if you qualify for a variety of programs.  Programs covered in this site include child care assistance, medical assistance, and various other financial assistance programs.  This site offers a simple application process to connect users with state and county services to help meet their needs, including child care assistance and medical assistance.  The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) helps low-income families with children return to work. It offers cash and food assistance and helps families find other need services.   This site offers guidelines on applying for Minnesota’s Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).  This site offers guidelines on applying for Minnesota’s health care programs, including Medical Assistance.


Public Health
Information for parenting services including WIC, immunizations, and child and teen checkups.
  1. Stearns County: (320)656-6000
  2. Benton County: (320)968-5087
  3. Sherburne County: (763)241-2750
  4. Wright County: (763)682-7456
Support for children’s social and emotional development
  1. Thrive (320)258-1103
  2. The Village Family Service Center (320)253-5930