Conductor Bump Rules

A note to conductors regarding bump rules…

Conductors must mark up within 24 hours of displacement notification.

If you do not exercise your seniority in with the 24 hour period, you will lose your bump and be forced to the nearest protecting extra board.

Policing and Penalties

Local Chairman or Local Chair’s Designee may with hold a person from work and/or paid position for violations of schedule rules or agreements.

Time Limit to Place

What is the time limit for a Trainman to place onto another job after being notified of displacement? Twenty-four (24) hours after notification of displacement or tie up at the home terminal whichever is later. There is no extending of bump time. Trainmen have twenty-four (24) hours to place after proper notification by carrier of bump. (Conditions of 2003 MOA apply concerning pay and guarantee).

CM&O – Carrier is to notify displaced employee within three (3) hours of displacement. Above and below apply.

CGW -Conductors and trainman, who have sufficient seniority to hold an assignment, will have twenty-four (24) hours from their tie up time at the home terminal or from the time notified in which to exercise their seniority. (24 hours starts when notified.

· EXCEPTION, If carrier makes good faith effort for Pool or Extra board employee, time for the notification of being displaced/bumped (24 hours) will start at carrier’s discretion if employee is subject to call. Failure to place in 24 hours will result in their name being placed on the extra board and applicable rules will apply. Those employees with insufficient sen­iority to hold an assignment will be placed immediately on the extra board upon being noti­fied of displacement or abolishment. (Last sentence may be superseded on basis that all former CNW property trainmen have guarantees and placement to a bump board will cease guarantee pay. If one is in this position with no home to work or a location to exercise seniority to contact the Local Chairman)